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Note to the Reader;

          We are now in the process of compiling a book on the subject of the Tarot and its relationship to the Hebrew Torah.  Explaining not only how the Tarot is found but the true purpose of what we know only as that mysterious deck of cards that hold your future which are so maligned and misunderstood in our day.  If you have come here looking for the previously posted pages note that no other publication will be made on this site, until the book is finished and published complete.  Thank you for visiting.  The materials (below) will provide a good introduction to all spoken of on these pages.

the Magician Complex experiment 1a

          The example of my method of connecting the dots shown here is in a portion I call the Magician's Complex.  The image can be downloaded to full size just use 'view image' from your menu and then 'save image'.  I am quite sure what we are looking at in these plexes are archetypal forms that can be constructed in a few different ways to reflect points in history, and a variety of cultures.

          The material shared here is all produced by Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, High Priest of the Temple of the Blue Moon Coven (Press).  Of course we are witches!  What do you think we are some bunch of religious conspiracy nuts?  I the aforementioned Manuel, give you permission to use this material only for research do not try to republish it as yours or without permission.  And if you want to question what I have produced - which is what experimentation and proofing is all about - please by all means, replicate the experiment.  That is the only way it can be shown true or false - just remember to READ all the material's instructions.  And treat it with respect.  As you will see this is not some light matter to be tossed willy-nilly, this is truly if anything - sacred.  Please treat it as such.

We here at the Temple wish you and yours only peace and good health in this uncertain time.  Let us not forget, you were given a brain; this is not all by chance.  Give thanks by helping your fellows, and only good will come to you.  Be kind to all life.  And remember please that doctors are for the treatment of maladies, prayer is useful and miracles can be asked for - but only if all else and the doctor fails!  Use that brain!

Blessed Be!

I am respectfully yours,

Rev. Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, Temple of the Blue Moon Press

Text letter 1 - 4042 with grid and mapping, in color.pdf here:

Introduction to the mathematical - logical process.rtf here

the Mathematics of it all.rtf here

complete line by line indexing of the larger corpus or tapestry in draft form, .pdf here:

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