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Note to the Reader;

          I have removed all previous pages, I am now in process of compiling a book on the subject of the Tarot in relationship to the Hebrew Torah, and how it is found.  If you have come here looking for the previous pages please note no other publication will be made on this site, until the book is finished and published complete.  Thank you for visiting.  The materials (below) will provide a good introduction.

          There are three .pdf's the first two downloads of the section incorporating letter #1 to letter #4042, with highlights, 'landmarks' to demarcate suspected deliberate words and pairs of letters that fill in visual and litoral extras.  This occurs in the first matrix and the second matrix is vanilla with only first last letters of the grids highlighted and green to demarcate the mid-line.  I include the complete mapping of the text of the Hebrew Torah in .jpg file for download - in the understanding this is a rough draft copy, and this schema is property of the author, I grant permission to copy for research and review by scholars.  The third .pdf is the outline of the Mathematical Key to the Hebrew Torah. These downloads are for research by those who would like to know the original source of the modern Tarot.  All the necessary instructions are included.

Blessed Be! I am respectfully yours,

Rev. Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, (a.k.a., Manuel the Scribe,) Temple of the Blue Moon Press

Download text only with line division and scriptural numbering .pdf here:

Download text with grid and mapping, in color.pdf here:

Download complete map of the Hebrew Torah in B/W from letter #1 to letter #304,805.jpg file.

Download Introduction to the Mathematical processes.pdf here (64 MB)

For further information please feel free to email me at:  Temple of the Blue Moon Press.