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          This website is dedicated to the most beautiful soul in this world, my wife and mate of 33 years, Nan Raker Deressa.  It was Nan who put me in the proper direction by pointing out something rather obvious, to her goes the all the credit.  For any mistakes to be found, I am to blame.

The Torah, the Tarot and the book of Daniel.

          In the Book of Daniel, we read the following:

          Daniel 12:04; “But you Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end.  Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased...”

          – from the King James II trans.

          The book Daniel closed and sealed up was the Torah not the book he is attributed to having written and given the name Daniel; Judge of God.  Daniel, looked at in the proper light will bring a person to realize; Daniel may have been and probably was a consortium of Elders and High Priests not just a single person (the evidence is too great to believe it was only one person.  I realized this after opening that lock on the text because you find that reason is not one so holy as is presumed.  What I came to find was that a crime, a crime against the word of G-d, had been hidden away from the possibility of discovery by a combination of rewriting traditions and removing hints from the Torah itself and all related materials.  But they didn't succeed in the case of the Talmudic Father's and the more ancient teachings those were too well known.  Daniel's actual source of guidance to do what was done would then be really known unto them only  And they're all dead so we are left to find out the facts from what we can.  What Daniel 12:04 says is that there is a time-release-message within the Torah.  They realized, sooner or later that sin would be found out of course long after they were gone, and so it has been.

          Over the past years of studying the traditional version text of the Hebrew Torah, I found there is within the textual body a set of images formed by the pairing of letters on each line of that text when it is arranged in a specific mathematical order.  The method is described in a set of papers I have written for download on the following linked page.  The major arcana of what we know as the Tarot in our day form the backbone of a facade that contains in its constructions a trove of archetypal information.

          Within the Jewish tradition the moving of two lines from the book of Exodus to the book of Numbers  (chapter 10, vs's 35 and 36) is memorialized by diacritical marks which appear in the text as two inverted upside down nuns, which are equivalent to an N sound.  However, what I found in addition to being able to outline the consequence of that move is beyond a replacing of verses.  What I found is the complete rewriting of two specific places; Genesis 22:02 to Genesis 23:17, and Numbers 28:27 - Numbers 29:06.  What these rewrites reveal is the thing of legends, and prophecy.  The rewrite in Gensis 22-23 involves the area of text that starts with Abraham answering God, 'I am here.' and ends with the closing of a transaction to purchase the field where the fabled Cave of Machpilah is said to be (in the rewrite Hebron in the southeast, in the book of Joshua it states that it is in Shechem an ancient Canaanite fortress near what is now Nablus to the north).  These rewrites occupy a specific area of text that becomes only apparent upon inspection under the method I describe.

          The rewrite in Numbers 28-29 brings to memory the verse "He will have the power to change times and seasons..."  Now what it was that inspired Daniels writing in that verse of the 12th chapter I believe to be from the period around 597 B.C.E., and the rewriting from a time around 722 B.C.E., when the change of the Alef-Bet occured and the Splitting of the Jewish and Samaritan communities occured.  But I hold that the same thing that guided me to unsealing the Book (The Torah) and opening the words was the same thing that motivated Daniel to close it all up;  God, or as I call Her - The Universe.  This webpage is to allow those who have an interest to share in this knowledge and the amazing book within the Torah it has revealed.  If you want to find the origin of the Tarot, or understand why Daniel did what he did, I would ask you to study the downloadable material I have in the link below.

          So many in our day think of the Tarot and the Hebrew Torah and mystical things as just so much tripe!  What I have to show proves that is incorrect thinking.  Daniel's secret is now open and available to those who ask - So you tell me, Is this the 'time of the end?'

          There is another very important matter that has to also be considered when speaking of this portion of the Book of Daniel, it is the verse in Revelations 10:07, wherein it says: "And in the days of the Seventh Angel when he shall begin to Trumpet forth, there may be an end to the mystery of G-d."  the Inner Book will lead you to that answer, it did for me.  I have to tell you, Yes. There is!  And She, is real.  And She is rather angry at Her children for messing their nest!

First three grids joined.

High Priestess: the Law.

High Priestess - the Law

          The Mystery of God is simply whether or not God really exists and did speak to a Man or many people through history.  The Torah, the Five Books of Moses what the Christians know as the Pentateuch, is it the untouched Word of G-d or not?  The answer to that question requires two things:  time and a willingness to believe there might just be something more to this reality of ours than meets the eye.  Our varied religious theologies and outlines for faith are in flux.  Why?  Perhaps after so long of hearing about God, people are tired of hearing - and want to know!  There is a way.

          It has been said that Energy is the basic stuff of the reality we inhabit, well there is more to that idea and we can have a chance to meet it face to face in the research I am willing to share.  I recently read up on a rather revolutionary Physical theory that makes a great deal of sense to me in its basic premise.  The Information Paradox says that information can be changed or distored but some reference remains, like any energy it is not lost only transmuted.  Consider this; everything and I mean everything even the energy contained in this universe is described in some way to us - the reason: it has to be to be differentiated from other things it exists in or around.  Everything does.

          However when the basics of the matter are considered in order for there to be information (something that exists) there has to also be something to process that information, catagorize, recognize and make it relevant to the reality of our existance.  A complicated way of trying to make you realize that that information is never lost - like energy it can remain in waves or particles for unknown lengths of what we call time.  The theory springs from the knowledge that the matter that falls into a black hole, there is a record - information about what was just ingested by the core - left in a veneer on the surface of the event horizon of that black hole.  And in an expansion of that theory the discovery that many black holes have jets of matter being released back into the space around them has led to questions as to how much a black hole can eat, or perhaps are we seeing a toroidal configuration bringing matter from another dimension into our own?  In either case it is easy to surmise that the information collection on the Event Horizon is being re-broadcast into the space around it or even passed on to another dimension of reality.

          The most logical inquistion one could take at this time with this subject would I think be to ask if the celestial voices and guides and angels - aren't perhaps from the realm of information stored and cast forth from various black holes.  A few ancient Hebrew legends speak of a heaven toward the end of the tail of Draco known as Vilon where spirits commune with humans telepathically; some legends make them bad teachers others teachers of good.  I truly wonder if we aren't dealing with some sort of information loop?

And with all this said I need to explain this has everything to do with what is found in the Inner Book of the Torah.  There is a conundrum, a true paradox of information residing in patterns of letters in a document that is 3500 years old.  The information I write of reflects a knowledge of things millions of years old and as well that reach into our modern day.  Because of the way it is presented to us it requires teasing out individual images from groupings of geometries that flow one into the other, and no I am not done with finding by any means.  One person given 20 lifetimes might consider themselves accomplished but I would still call them a Neophyte!  I have in just the past couple of years been able to investigate the story of the two Trees in the Garden - and interesting applicable truths about both.  It is all to be found in the text and not just the face on text but by specific logical methods that reveal whole other worlds of information, that is to say it is all a matter of the way you approach the text for investigation purposes.

          Big brag, no not hardly.  For any that are as into history and the study of mystical matters as I am, this is the ultimate puzzle.  And it could have a really good solution to itself - if a majority of us can put it to our knowing, if we could make proper use of it to quell the animal we are, and survive ourselves inspite of the darkness we see growing more and more in the form of blatant ignorance.  We must, or we all perish.  Something like us could be made in an entirely whole other space time, but G-d doesn't play dice with the Universe!  There is a purpose to it all, and even YOU too.  In spite of all our mess, it is our home; we have much to correct.  However it is only going to be our home for a short while more, at least as we now know it.  We really have to wake up as a species!

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          "A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the Universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths.  Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge."
                    - Carl Sagan