Please be aware that this text though not the face on text of the Torah it IS a major portion of the Torah in illustration mode, please afford it the respect due.

This image set is by no means to be considered 'the final draft' I am working to repair some missed mappings and some that are out of place.  There are joins between grid sheets that need alignment as well.  However, the actual mapping of the text is fairly accurate and if necessary I have the files in DavkaWriterPro (.dwt) if a person wants to see how I transcribed the text to digital format, and repeat the experiment.  Of course .pdf is available as well.   The entire set of individual maps is available in file folder (.jpg's) if needed, and can be converted to .png file format if need be.  The actual mapping is done on quadrille deskpad-sized paper and in this schema from the digital text that I transcribed and then printed off, there are NO SPACES between the letters as in the photo-map version - the spacing is used with the digital text and only for better viewing.

The corpus of this larger tapestry section of the Torah spans from Genesis 03:22: fifth word, second letter; to the last letter of Deuteronomy 34:12.  Just one more note: To view the image set in full resolution use "view image" from your browser window and save to a file, it will then be usable for a graphics application, its format is .jpg.

The Tapestry letter
            #4043 - letter #304,805. view image will bring up full size graphic.

          There are many things I could add, however I want to know what others can make out and understand of what they are looking at.– Please address me with feedback and further questions at Temple of the Blue Moon Press.  This work is Copyright 1997-2018(continuous) Manuel Colunga-Hernandez - No part of this work may be sold or profited from in any way by anyone other than the Author, Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, who is the original artist and person who contrived this schema.

          All permission to work with the piece is given to research only and may not be used in any publications for profit BY ANYONE, researchers may copy excerpts of images for research only.  This work is offered in limited manner by the author for review by scholars, teachers and interested parties, this is for the purposes of Religious and Secular Education and the furtherance of knowledge among my fellow Human Beings.

          One last little P.S. - IF you have been paying attention to the whole series of information presented; you will know that the answer really was: 42!  And remember: "DON'T PANIC!"

Automatic drawing.