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Note to the Reader;

          There are three .pdf's the first two downloads of the section incorporating letter #1 to letter #4042, are text only with yellow highlight 'landmarks' to demarcate suspected deliberate words and pairs of letters that fill in visual and litoral extras.  This occurs in the first matrix and the second matrix is vanilla with only first last letters of the grids highlighted and green to demarcate the mid-line.  The third .pdf is completely mapped with colorized text comments, please note the letters that are mapped are blackened to indicate the mapping present.  Here I include a few notes on the text:  1. I do not use the 'Sofit' or final forms of letters, this is to approximate the original text structure of the original proto Hebrew.  2. There is no word divison or use of any vowel pointing or diacritical marks whatsoever.  I placed one space between the letters and used a monospaced Hebrew font to replicate the text and allow for ease of viewing; this is done throughout the text.  In short I cut away all the additions that have been added on to the text over the centuries and millenia it becomes just the letters.  This allows a person to view and examine the text in a way similar to that done by the "Bible Code" researchers.  (This arrangement does not use equidistant letter spacing.  it is different in that this is a rearrangement of the letters in proper order and into grids.)

          As for the fifth cube root extraction; I have included under the link, "Technical application of the Theory," the fully MAPPED layout of the largest array in the black and white format.  This example is not perfect there are misplacements of borders and I have found a few overlooked misplacements which I am working on as I have time to correct the map; in short - it is a rough draft of the tapestry.  However the mapping is accurate enough to illustrate my entire thesis.

          For the entire set in the Hebrew text, please contact me at the email address below.  I have readied an index of the system that will act as a quick reference for navigation of the text:  1. An index of the nomencature, including the addresses of the beginning and ending letters of each Matrix.  2. An index of the last letter of each of the 4489 lines of the largest array.  I am making this available to entice people who have an interest in replicating this experiment.  If you have not read and checked over the text or done the experiment for yourself: do not bother criticizing or telling me I am wrong or for that matter sending me religious tracts!  This project is to show that science and religion just need some tweaking to properly make the connection.  G-d (the Universe) really is a Mathematician!

Blessed Be! I am respectfully yours,

Rev. Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, (Manuel, the Scribe,) Temple of the Blue Moon (Press)

Download text only with line division and scriptural numbering .pdf here (737 MB)

Download mapped text 1-4042.pdf here (541 MB)

Download Introduction to the Mathematics of the Torah.pdf here (63.48 MB)

For further information please feel free to email me at:  Temple of the Blue Moon Press.