When I write of the Information Paradox, I am attempting to touch on a subject that will, no doubt, be somewhat unfamiliar to most general readers.  But it cannot be left out of the explanation as it underlays the foundation of what the Torah is presenting to us.  The physics of this space time reality has a problem; the normal standard model of energy - matter is now complimented by another basic entity; that being, information.  Information is all around us.  Everything we see, touch, taste, smell, conceive or make in any form what-so-ever (yes! even a burp!) is information.  You see the conservation of energy presents a problem when it comes to considering a black hole and matter entering and being destroyed from existence by that so-called never ending mouth of neverness.  What happens to that matter?  We know by the law of conservation of energy that 'energy is never lost.'  Consider the famous Bell Labs experiment in the 1990's when a measurement was taken of a photonic entity (a photon), while doing some of the standard measurements that explain the existence of that particle, in one case it appeared that a photon disappeared from reality and reappeared in another place.  It was all done by reading energy signatures - they were identical.  Each particle it turned out was the same when observed and quantified and different from all others such that it was observed so.  This is a simplified version of the experiment, however it points to a very important fact of our universe: energy and matter; are not lost in this reality, the balance of energy is precise and without question not lost.  So wnen matter - that is, information, enters it is not totally lost, there is a record left in a pattern in the event horizon.  Now to add to the matter the photon when it leaves observable, measurable reality goes somewhere and reappears elsewhere; where exactly does that 'elsewhere' reside?  Because if you assume it goes into the matrix of all substance you paint yourself into and idiot box.  We see that though there is matter all around us - some of which we are able to 'see through,' it is really the transfer of electrons in the form of photonic energy.

          So is the Universe recording us?  That is the big question, the real fear, isn't it?  That which interrupts the scheme, the agenda, messes with your predictions, your desires.  That is why humanity doesn't want there to be a God!  And yet when they are in need - 90% of the time that is the first 'Being' they call out too.  It is a cat and mouse game with the self - am I guilty and have to pay for it - or not?  Logically: If you are going to 'pay' for it - you have to have a way to pay it back, right?  .:You would have to exist, to do so.  There is only one determinant to that and only one derteriminant: The purposed intent of the Universe.  Everything has a pattern that began long out of our knowledge, why it was made to be so was part and parcel of what we as a species were able to muster of a basic knowledge base of our sentience.  You see; God as a concept as a guide for moral instruction, was given to us by another set of beings.  There are two paths remember: The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Hidden deep within a myriad of geometries are the two paths tales, instruction sets as it were; meant to be passed on into the future from the time of inception, and closed after only cursory work could be done to prevent something even worse from coming to be to the text in its history.  Time passes, Change occurs, things and ways evolve, yet through each period there is evidence left in trails of light, in letters before our eyes.  This information has come to me only after many years of study on this text and its relatives the Leningradensis, and Samaritan based texts.  I know I will never really ever finish this project, there is quite factually speaking, too much for one person to know alone or bear.  Like Sefer Yetzirah, and its demanding orders of operation which create the only Gollum actually spoken of in the book itself: God in the Person of the Student - its entire goal is to produce; a Son of G-d.  The Great Work, which is often spoken of among mystics and occultists - and like so much that is spoken of, a total Gordian Knot even for the teachers!  To be more than mere Human: This is our great work to do!  And I will state here to any who may read this: The only way we have to truly acheive this is what this entire study is about, the Hebrew Torah.

          This all has to do with the matter that we are dealing with in the text because it can be shown to be information paradox: in that the histories and stories related are out of context with the standard history contained in the face on text.  We do not know what these blackholes have been swallowing for for all these aeons.  Nor do we know what civilizations went before, we theorize that we may be the only known sentient life in the Universe at this time, but in practial mathematical reality - that is just wrong thinking.  With what we know of the time span and physical makeup of this visible universe in our day, we have continually moved the boundaries of our reality.

          for example the center of our own galaxy, which houses a supermassive blackhole, provides the most practical experiment of all: the traditions of beings in a heaven beyond our own realm in the two examples point to the same place.  The traditions of two disperate civilizations may have something to help us understand what is going on with that supermassive blackhole, and may provide grounds for other theories concerning mystical or miraculous teachings.  I would offer up the possibility that these bits of information are coming from information taken in and spit back out into space around the Black Hole - information that is preserved by the action of the Black Hole Singularity, itself.

          Looking at the ancient Mayan Culture of the Central Americas we can see a similarity with ancient Hebrew teachings that belong to the more mystical collections of the Sages.  R. Aryeh Kaplan, writing in the notes of Sefer Yetzirah, footnoted a source for the tradition of the Teli, a race of beings that communicate telepathically with Human Beings and live in the region of sky, a heaven named Vilon, at the end of the Dragons (Draco's) Tail.  This placement in the sky leads one to discover it points to what was then the theoretical region of the sky where the center of our local galaxy resides, yes it was known far back in time before that.  This has been borne out as the actual residence of a Massive Black hole at the center of our Galactic Buldge.  The ancient tradition is that these beings from Vilon are teachers of Mankind, and telepathically can give information to humans to help them advance.  Now there is also a variant tradition that states these beings tell lies and are evil beings.  And so it is among the Maya; they taught that the beings from that region of Sky were evil, and brought evil upon the Earth.  How old the Hebrew tradition on this is, is unknown to me at this time but I do know the Mayan must be prior to 500 B.C.E..

          There are many things I could bring to the table on this, but I want the reader to understand that the Tarot deals with Time, and the Tarot is found in the Torah, so the Torah will be found by the person investigating it, to be all about Time.  The major dimensional feature of the text and its image set concerns itself with mattes of Time and times: Time in periods, as a measurement, as a guide to life and survival, as a record of human history from its beginnings to the present day.  I would dare say, it is probably the only extant tool we have to experience a factual, practical, 'Time Machine'.  There is an important note to all this - when we consider Time as a dimension, Information in the form of light as energy, at any given point in time, forms a 'Q-bit' of existence.  And not all the information whether of large quantity or small, is complete in its record, it could be said the possibility exists as well that none of it is complete, it exists only in a diffused state, thus should be considered much like a scatter-field over timespans.  We can consider a light beam as it travels it loses energy (photonic energy,) and dims as it goes further on, that is the energy loses cohesion.  We will find logically, that this corresponds in line with the Jewish tradition of Tikkun, that is 'return'.  The Fire that is G-d, in the beginning threw off sparks of Itself to form Nephesh - Souls.  Over the span of Human history the sparks split into more and more fragments, so the job of Tikkun - returning to the Source, is displayed in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot.  The designation is from Ace (1) to 10, the Ace of any suit is the root, the seed.

          So progressing through that spark from the root (the Ace,) we see the energy play out to its fullest extent in the 10 in the process.  So all levels in-between the root and the 10 represent various stages of return or dispersal.  In the end no matter the gathering of return, it must also be surmised that it will never be the exact same being except in its root.  So too I surmise that the information that enters the event horizon is like theory states, (my paraphrase) kept like a 'compacted file' that is set to be 'lossy' memory storage on a veneer of the Event Horizon, and will be radiated back out into space at some point in time; some of the 'information' complete, some not.  This of course is considered theoretical, but the Information Paradox, sits like Dark Matter, smugly in our face: it is time we dealt with it.  it coult be the determining factor in the question of 'where the photon really went.'

          Though upon its face it may seem 'out there,' the theory of Information as another form of dimensional energy has to be admitted to: As it is quite obvious anything that exists, exists as information; without existence - no information.  I do really hope the reader will consider all that I have written here: The Hebrew Torah, will allow you to experience this phenomena as a fact, just as I have, that is if you just follow the instructions and look for yourself.

In closing I would like to direct the reader to a book on this subject that lays out the fundamental theory and its practical expressions in physical reality, that book is: "The Information Paradox," by Robert Booth Wiles; (available on Amazon.com) published by Information Press Pty Ltd (June 20, 2014.)